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The  Zanerian Manual
Script Calligraphers Goldmine

My journey to learning Calligraphy was not a traditional one with a lot of formal classes. In fact a great deal of what I’ve learned has been self-taught. That being said, if I had to do it all over again here’s where I would start…..with the Zanerian Manual (officially the Zanerian Manual of Alphabets and Engrossing). It is a goldmine! Especially for those of you who are serious about learning the art of beautiful writing in the script style. Even if you plan on being a “modern calligrapher” I believe everyone should start with a good strong foundation —that means good letterforms. So study the Engrossers script alphabet and learn even if you begin with a lead pencil and trace the letters. I used to (and still do from time to time) tape a copy of the standard Zanerian alphabet in front of me as I worked on jobs.

For those of you who do not know where to start and you really want to learn, the Zanerian manual is it.  It is a worthwhile investment

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