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I thought I’d share from a micro series I’ve been doing on Instagram called ‘Letter Structure’.  Basically in less than 45 seconds to a minute, difficult to write script letters are presented. The first of these was the letter B which I show you in the video below.  For purpose of  demonstration this letter was done on the iPad using one of my favorite brushes ‘Marlean’s Copperplate’.

Like many of the Script capitals  the B begins with the “capital stem” or “compound curve.  Optionally you may add a terminal dot at the end of this curve. The remaining letter structure is gracefully built around the oval and ends in a beautiful curve inside the lower ‘bowl’.




Capital B with directional arrows

Script Calligraphy Letter B with directional arrows


Capital B variations

Copperplate Capital B Samples

You can download , screenshot or refer back to the images and video  to help you with your capital B!



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