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So, I have been doing a lot of reflecting lately and realize that as much as I love calligraphy and lettering I could use a lot more polishing on my skills. Because of this at the beginning of this year I made a decision to participate in some challenges and I chose Instagram as the social media platform to do it on. 

The first challenge was #30DaysOfBibleLettering.  It was literally 30 days of lettering a Bible scripture and then posting it.  The lettering style and composition was all up to you. If you search the hashtag 30DaysOfBibleLettering. you will see some pretty incredible work. Also feel free to go to my Instagram feed check out my work for this challenge .

Currently I am now doing my second challenge called #STAbootcamp (@StylingTheAlphabet). This challenge calls for participants to create five versions of a single letter for 26 days. We began with A and will go all the way to Z. 

The #STABootCamp challenge is led by Mye De Leon, an amazing hand lettering artist. I love how she simplifies hand drawn letters into four steps. 1. Skelton 2. Add weight  3. Style  4. Embelish.  

Below I am sharing different steps in my process to a nice hand-lettered ‘H’. You can view my daily progress on Instagram as well as follow the account StylingTheAlphabet and #STAbootcamp .

Hand lettered H

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