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 I get a lot of questions about which Procreate brushes I use for script calligraphy on my iPad.  So I’m going to share that with you in this post. Before I give you my list, I think it’s important for you to know that some brushes are not one size fits all.  I have found that a few  Procreate brushes, (especially lettering brushes) are designed around the lettering  habits of the brush maker. For example how they grip the pen and how much pressure they use when lettering. So, as you decide to make brush purchases it is possible that you may have to make some slight adjustments for your own needs.

One very popular procreate brush attribute for calligraphers is streamline. It has the amazing ability to smooth out wobbly lines and give you really nice smooth strokes. I really like streamline but I’m also careful not to crank it up to 100% because I feel it makes me have less control of my lettering. With this in mind if your brush is not giving you the results you want you may want to look at adjusting in these areas: Apple Pencil pressure and Streamline. Be sure to duplicate your brush when you make adjustments so that you leave the original brush in tact . OK now on to my list!

  1. Marlean’s Copperplate 
  2. Marlean’s Script Natural Ink
  3. Hamrick Ink solid with streamline

Both Marlean’s Copperplate and Marlean‘s Script Natural Ink have an oval ‘shape source’ and are my ‘go to brushes for my pointed script style lettering. I keep the streamline around 88% and the Apple Pencil pressure 100%.

My absolute favorite brush pack is lettering 2.0 by Ryan Hamrick. It contains my 3rd go to brush ‘Hamrick Ink Solid Streamline’. It has a round shape source  and a really nice texture.  Ryan is an amazing lettering and brand designer and this brush set is what he uses for his client work. You can purchase his set here and be sure to follow him on Instagram.

As promised I’m making my brushes  is available to you free. You can download them here. Go ahead and give them a try and tag me @ATLCalligrapher  on work you create  with the brushes and post to social media.


Marleans script natural ink brush sample

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