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There’s never been a better time to learn than now!  The internet has made it possible for you to find a ‘how to’ on just about anything.  Simply begin with a google search .

I can think of a few home projects I needed taken care of that YouTube helped me through.  1) My sister and I successfully replaced the motherboard on our ten year old refrigerator saving about $500. 2) Replaced a broken outdoor electrical outlet so my nephew could experience the joy of a Christmas light display. 3) Unclogged a sink… that saved $100 a plumber would have charged. 4) Painted a chalkboard wall in the garage.

It doesn’t just stop at YouTube.  I’ve also taken advantage of Skillshare for specific courses in digital art, design and web development.  It is a bargain at only $10/month.

You’ll be amazed at what new skills you can learn from people around the globe by just starting with a web search.  Turns out there are some very good teachers and individuals willing to share their knowledge for free.

Happy learning!

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