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For the past two weeks me and my iPad have been pretty busy. Every time this year Stefan Kunz host a challenge on Instagram called 30 Days of Bible Lettering. I like to do it because it gives me an opportunity to try some different things in terms of calligraphy and hand lettering.  I’ve been trying to improve my layout and design skills and participating in challenges like this helps me to do just that.

I’ve taken the liberty here to pick out what I feel are my best five pieces over the past two weeks.  I plan on re-working a few and making them avaible for digital download.

Oh Lord I Will Sing Of Your LoveYour Mercies Are New EverydayYou Are The Light of The WorldLove is Patient and KindBuild Each Other Up

Cover Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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  • Lee Galin says:

    Hello. I love what you’re doing. The iPad lettering is great. Any tips on how I would get started or read up on this process. I’m techy also with an artsy twist and would sure like to give this a try. Thank you! Thank you for your art! Lee

    • Marlean says:

      To get started all you need is an iPad that supports the Apple Pencil and I would also recommend the Procreate App. The Procreate app comes loaded with some incredible brushes that mimic real ‘art ‘ brushes and pencils. Check YouTube for iPad Lettering …there are tons of videos.

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