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I created a font! Last week I finished creating a font I started  some time ago.  It’s my first time and it was pretty easy. Here are my steps:

  1. Grab the iPad and Apple Pencil
  2. Download iFontMaker app
  3. Choose ‘font’ to guide my lettering
  4. Letter A-Z upper and lower case plus symbols and accents Using the Apple Pencil
  5. Go back through and make adjustment using ‘beziers’ ( and maybe re-lettering )
  6. Adjust Kerning with the in-app tool (this took a while but was quite relaxing)
  7. Build font (done in-app) and install on the iPad and desktop iMac

*I’ve printed the full alphabet below. It has flaws but that’s ok!! It’s my first font and I love it. I’ll improve on the next one .


Payson Nouveau Alphabet and numbers

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